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Our Full Service Planning Package is for the bride what has a visions for her wedding day, but wants the help of a professional to ensure every detail is planned to perfection.  At this level of service, we are with you from the very beginning of your planning process, to the end of the reception and the last guest has left. This package provides you with a complete profile of everything you will need for your special day.  Whether you have no idea who to contact first or even how to begin your planning process or you have already selected some of your vendors, this package is the best value of all, it includes:

All of our decor items at NO additional costs.

Your Glass Slipper can save serious time, stress and money on your wedding day by providing all of your vases,  motives, table decor, ceremony decor, chair covers and more at no additional cost. This is only offered to our full service clients. If we own it, you can use it… it’s that simple. Save thousands of dollars in extra expenses by taking advantage of this amazing benefit!

Wholesale Pricing on all of your flowers

Another service that makes our full service planning package the best value ever ......We are designers and florist, so we will help you design flower arrangements, centerpieces, bouquets that are unique to your style. Also, you will have the peace of mind know that the same people who helped you create those designs will also see to it that your vision is brought to life.  And the best part is,  we offer you the wholesale price of all the flowers you desire for you wedding day. 

Unlimited Phone Calls and Emails.

Some wedding planners have a set number of meetings, phone calls and emails that they allow you during your planning process. But my job is to relieve you of stress and frustration, not create more because you have already reached your quota of contacting your planner. We are here for you, we will do our best to always provide support or answer any questions when the need arises.

Vendor Referrals and Contract Negotiations

Having the opportunity to work with many wedding vendors of all types over the past several years, we do have a list of vendors that we know are very good at what they do, are dependable and that will give you the best service for your money. However, you are not required to use these vendors. If you have already chosen vendors or have one in mind that you wish to work with, we will work with whom ever you choose!

A Detailed Time Line of Events

One of the most important services we can offer you to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible is to take the time to sit down with you and create a complete minute by minute timeline of everything that will take place from the night of the rehearsal to the end of the wedding day. This will include everything that your wedding party, family and all your vendors will need to know for that day. Then we will communicate all of this information with all of them to insure that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them, where to be and when. 

A Coordinator for Your Rehearsal and Your Wedding Day.

This should be the time when the fun begins and all you, your fiancee', your family and friends all get to just participate with no worry at all as to what needs to be done next. We will be there to see that everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there including all of the vendors. We will be there until the last vendor and the last guest has left the building.  It will be a great feeling knowing that someone is covering every tiny little detail and you are free to just relax and enjoy the day!

Set Up Your Free Consultation Now!

Your Glass Slipper holds a personal view on the design of flowers for your wedding day. Although we offer many photos for you to view of previous work we have done, we will not ask you to choose which one you like best and then hope yo will be happy with just that. 

Your Glass Slipper will sit down with you and your fiancee' to listen to what your vision is for you entire wedding.  We would like to know, "if you could do whatever you wanted for your wedding flowers", what would it be and on "your" budget let's see what we can do to make that happen!  One of the reasons we can help you make that happen, is because we give ALL of our brides wholesale prices on all her wedding flowers, which helps you save a great deal of money on the flower for your wedding day.

Your Glass Slipper will bring your dreams to life with beautiful flower arrangements for your ceremony, centerpieces, bouquets and much more.

Take a look at our Gallery of flowers for inspiration and remember, your own creation could be a part of this gallery too!

Month of Coordinating

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